Independently-owned and independently-operated U.S. Corporation and Small Business. Offices in Arlington, Virginia and Ann Arbor, Michigan.

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Why Us?

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We bring a passion for serving national security. We bring in equal passion for cutting-edge SAR satellite technologies and RADAR processing solutions.

Our Space-based ISR as a Service model brings affordable and capable SAR satellite technology together with our deep understanding of the mission. 

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The R2 Space Team

Our team is made up of individuals who have a depth of experience in the space, technology, and government industries. We are built tactically to ensure we are providing our greatest value to our clients. 

Background & Experience

The R2 Team brings agility and depth in the areas of: 

  • RADAR Electronics
  • Active Phased Array Antenna Design and Manufacturing
  • SAR Processing
  • Satellite Design and Manufacturing
  • Satellite and RADAR operations
  • Cloud Computing, IT, and API Development
  • Combat and Mission System Integration

Board of Advisors

Our advisors have a long history in the US Government and Industry of rapidly fielding and deploying solutions in a dependable manner to solve difficult National Security problems.

Each member brings a clear vision, strategic direction, technical know-how, and demonstrated experience to assure success of our Space-based ISR as a Service model.

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Want to join the R2 Family?

We are always looking for new members of our team and advisory board.
Send us a message to inquire for open positions.

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